A Street Slang And Its Many Illusions

Femi Aderibigbe (Kwame)

Hustle, so that you don’t get ordered to serve drinks at your family meetings.

Hustle, so you don’t drive your babe to her sugar daddy’s office.

Hustle, so you don’t …

There are probably a hundred more of these “hustle hard or…” stories flying around on social media platforms these days.

Sadly, many young people are being daily recruited into the illusion it seeks to create in their impressionable minds.

1, Illusion Number One is that all you need is to be out there “hustling” and wealth will come effortlessly.

It fails to state that life itself is process driven, with several stages to it and that you need patience, perseverance and passion.

You also need a clear cut strategy to achieve anything significant in this world that we live in.

2. Illusion Number Two is that constant motion usually equates to significant movement.

Budding entrepreneurs and start-ups have to understand that jumping all over the place and switching from one job or business to another, does not guarantee success or sustainable wealth.

3. Illusion Number Three is the very deceptive and highly destructive, street inspired mantra “Get rich or die trying” that many young people labor under currently.

Attaining real success is a slow and challenging process, but when it becomes potentially life threatening, then it is not something worth getting into, for any reason whatsoever.

Even if you make money from it, you may lose your health, your sanity, your soul and live in constant regret.

4. Illusion Number Four is that potent, depression catalyst and social stigmatization tool, aptly captured in the “If you no get money, hide your face” lyrics of that popular song.

Money should not be the major driver in your life, the desire to make a difference and add value to society should.

True it solves a lot of problems, but the worship of money creates a lot more problems than it solves.

So good people, work hard, more importantly, work smart and stay focused on your life goals without all the noisy distractions around you.

To “hustle” is good, but certainly not at the expense of your physical and mental well-being and your close relationships.

That will be all for today class!

God bless.

Femi Aderibigbe (Kwame)

CEO & Founder at Nigezie (Virtual Media Network LTD)


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