One Million Die From COVID-19

No fewer than one million people have now died from COVID-19 related complications globally.

Statistics provided by World reference website, worldometer  puts global death from the deadly virus at 1,009,268 while data from the Johns Hopkins University shows that deaths in the US, Brazil and India make up nearly half that total.

10 months after news of the COVID-19 began from Wuhan, China, data indicates that the USA has suffered total deaths of 210,180 from the virus with Brazil losing 142,161 of its citizens while in India, 97,450 have been killed by the virus.

The US has a total of 7,377,612 which is more than a fifth of the world’s total of over 33.5 million. Fro Brazil, the total infection rate is 4,748,327 while in India it’s 6,219,224.

Per continent, North America is the worst hit with 308,695. South America has 249,868 according to the data. Europe’s victim figure from the coronavirus stood at 221,375 from a total of nearly five million infections.

In Asia, where the deaths rates seems to be slowing down, the figure stood at 192,763 but infection seems to be spreading fast claiming one-third of the world’s total at over 10 million. Africa and the Oceania are the less hit continents with 35,629 and 923 deaths respectively while infection rates stands at 1,479,053 for the former and 31,209 for the latter.

Also, experts say the virus has since spread to 188 countries while efforts to develop an effective vaccine continue.

Globally there are about 240 potential vaccines in early development, with 40 in clinical trials and nine in the final stage of testing on thousands of people but the World Health organisation has made it clear that it does not expect to see widespread vaccinations against Covid-19 until the middle of 2021.

In Nigeria there are 1,111 deaths from the coronavirus from a total of 58,647 infections


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