Social Media Trends For Monday 19th October: #Edo And More

Reactions have trailed the current unrest in Edo State, as some hoodlums allegedly attacked a Nigeria Correction Service facility, which led to the escape of inmates.

While fingers were being pointed at EndSARS protesters in some quarters, others claimed that the whole drama was orchestrated by the government to find ground on which to clamp down on peaceful protesters.

They said it was practically impossible for unarmed civilians to attack and overpower well trained armed squad unit of the Correction Service.

Nigerians have expressed shock that most of the security formations in the country, including the Nigeria Correction Service, do not have a Closed Circuit Television surveillance system.

This follows the jailbreak incident in Edo State, where inmates were reported to have escaped. They said; had a CCTV been in place, it would have given an insight into what really transpired during the attack.

Many Nigerians on social media have commended the restraint shown by the RRS team that was attacked in Lagos by some alleged thugs.

They said it was impressive and deserves to be highlighted, stressing that the professionalism displayed by personnel of the RRS had averted casualties. They also said this was indeed a good start for the reforms in the Nigeria Police.


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