How My Producer Made Me A Sex Therapist- Tushbee

Multi-award winning media personality and model, Divine James, popularly known as Tushbee, is loved for her show, ‘Let’s talk about Sex’, which she anchors on Happenings Radio as well as her wise counsels which have helped many people solve issues relating to sex.

Ina brief chat, the presenter, who is also known as Torigoddess or Sexcellency, talks about how she became a Sex Therapist. Excerpts;

I walked into the studio one fateful Wednesday to anchor my Pidgin show Torifortown with Tushbee.

Tori4town was my first sole show in the big city of Lagos on Happenings radio and I was still on Joli Joli Avenue on Eko FM the official radio of Lagos State.
On that Wednesday, DJ Limo called me , “Tushbee” I want you to talk about Sex on radio. I smiled, and I said ok. Before I even asked why? So, when I did ask, Limo said, you will do great and it will suite a part of your personality.
And here I am, feeding some people’s sexual adventurous nature, knowledge, fantasy, problems and friendly discussions on sex both married and singles on different topics. I have used my sex show to help a lot of people spice up their sexual lives gracefully.

Truthfully, no one teaches anyone how to have intercourse, and Truthfully, sex is way above intercourse.

The show helps to create sexual creativity, adventure, exploration, experience, satisfaction, rewards, bonds, spirituality, mental state, sexual balance, resonance, angles, and benefits in our relationships. I am glad, I did agree to take up the task.

I see myself getting in tune with the universe sexually on a daily basis and it has opened my mind in a way, that I can’t express. Sometimes, I am presented with cases that I don’t even know how and where to start tackling, and sometimes, you just want to use the hypnosis method, but finally, I will sought after the universe for wisdom .

I try as much as possible to be factual, truthful and share some real life experiences in my sessions with my clients.

Tushbee acquired the title Her Sexecellence because of her style of talking sex and handling matters..

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