#PoemsOfCAMA: Breathe!

By Christy Ademide Adelowo

I am not consistent
Not in the things that make you great
No, I am not consistent
Not in these traits
The things I’m committed to give a nudge
They bring me to the village called Awayena
Where Ayanmo sleeps on feeble hands
And frantic feet plod through ancient lore
Where Odu Ifa clasp on dwindling hearts
And slanting eyes grope for futurama gore
They do not understand passion –
sophisticated cravat for rambling crevasse
So I breathe

I am inconsistent
In the things that keep you swayed
Yes, I am inconsistent
Not by this glaive
The things I’m focused on make a plunge
They everyday raise their plates of intention
Awaiting the gods carrying the solemn oath of raisins
That destinies may get a revamp
Requesting an appearance on the hills of Okemesi
That Ila may solve an ageing riddle
I find patience on their laps – the only gift they have left to give
So I breathe

PoemsOfCAMA By Christy Ademide Adelowo

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