#PoemsofCAMA: Tolani

By Christy Ademide Adelowo

Yes, Tolani
just last night
flashes of you crested my heart again

chummy chubby dearly-won Ige
the breech that would not kill
the child of my youth and thrills

this adrenaline rush
this possibility bout
will it ever go away?

you crept into my life…
magical at such a time!
grandiose in such a way!

didn’t know all I had was only five months
to feel the joy of your gain
didn’t see what’s left was two awful months
to share the throes of your pain
why did you have to leave like that?
at such a time and in such a way?

I remember,
I was the hurly-burly bird that couldn’t find her nest
I kept taming the rigmarole of tentacled loss
yet you come in pleasant memories
beautiful times wrapped in colourful months
like the fleeting flint of a moving train

or are you back with me?
I heard the oracle said
“you were of the clan with nine lives”
I think I am now strengthened
or did I find succour in new rhythm
yet forged bonds are unsharpened knives
they cut when you least expect

it’s hard to forget
I do miss you
I still miss you
missed all the precocious you
missed all the promising you
Tolani Baby…
yes, Tolani
thinking of you does feel right

#PoemsOfCAMA By Christy Ademide Adelowo

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