RAPPER OR RAPER? Popular Nigerian Musician Enters Jail For Rape In UK

A United Kingdom based Nigerian rapper, Olawale Hassan popularly known as Goldie 1, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping a woman.

Officials say the 33-year-old attacked the victim in Southend in 2017 after claiming he was a music producer.

Hassan however denied the three counts of rape and one charge of assault by penetration during his trial.

Essex Police has described him as “manipulative and calculated”.

Detective Constable Victoria De’ath, of the force, praised the woman, in her 20s, for her “courage” in reporting the attack by the Nigerian rapper who lives at Falcon Avenue, Grays, Essex,

According to reports, Hassan targeted the woman while she was out with a friend in February 2017. She turned down his requests for her number and to accompany him to his hotel room before he promised to get her home safely after her friend left.

Instead, he parked his car on the seafront and locked its doors when she tried to flee before attacking her. He later took her home where she called the police.

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