HERDSMEN: Registration Not Enough- VAI

A non governmnetal organisation, Voters Awareness Initiative has raised concerns that registration of cattle breeders is not enough to tackle criminality.

This followers a meeting between Governors of the South-Western states and the leadership of Miyette Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN), held in Akure. Ondo State, where members of the latter agreed to a formal registration, desist from night grazing as well as stop under-age herding, among others.

In a statement released on Wednesday in Lagos, President of the VAI, Wale Ogunade expressed fears that although the resolutuon was commendable but certainly not enough in curbing the nefarious activities of the herders in the region, or other acts of criminality in other parts of the country.

The statement read: “We are not unaware of the fact that Nigeria is poor in data gathering and management. We are all witnesses to the plethora of data, already gathered in the country which included samples of fingerprints, yet crimes are committed daily without the law enforcement agents been able to apprehend culprits. We dare say registration of herders – which we believe will include taking their fingerprints samples- may not achieve anything in the long run”

“Voters Awareness Initiative (VAI) is of the candid view that this measure is not far-reaching enough in achieving the set goal of controlling the inanities of criminality in the region, or similar acts in other parts of the country. We note that no mention was made of possession of firearm by the herders and other unauthorized persons, there ought to be a categorical statement restating outright ban on possession of firearms and that any individual or group of persons (herder or not) caught with such weapon be arrested and prosecuted accordingly”

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It further noted that the South West Governors and MACBAN’s communiqué was also silent on the role of Amotekun in the enforcement of the agreement.

“We believe that Amotekun, should be charged with the monitoring of the entire zone, and report to the Chief Security Officer of each state (the Governors)”

The VAI further urged the State governors in the other regions to take a cue from their counterparts in the South West and evolve lasting solutions to security challenges in their states.

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