US Based Musician, Jemiriye Confirms Lateef Adedimeji Interest

In the last two days or so, speculations have been rife in Nigeria’s online media space popular Nollywood actor Lateef Adedimeji is making love attempt at American based music star known as Jemiriye Adeniji.

Well, the latest gist is that Jemiriye has confirmed that the prolific actor approached her but declined any further comments.

The Nigerian music artiste whose music is deeply rooted in Yoruba folk, traditional rhythms and Afrobeat made the confirmation to in a Facebook chat

News also has it that although Adedimeji is currently in a serious relationship with his colleague in the movie industry, Adebimpe Oyebade, he can’t keep his eyes off the beautiful ebony Jemiriye, who has conquered the world through her unique style and never a dull moment meaningful lyrics, good melodies and classy original instrumental from her genre of music.

This is also as the dust is yet to settle on controversies surrounding an alleged relationship with another US based Yoruba actress, Oyinkansola Elebuibon, who came to deny publicly that Adedimeji was not the father of he baby.

The honest truth is that anyone who has met Jemiriye, can’t really blame Lateef for having a spark and unending crush for the talented and unassuming sexy special gift to the music world.

Lateef Adedimeji

A close source also revealed that Lateef Adedimeji would definitely be featured in Jemiriye’s soon to be released musical video entitled- My Body.

Jemiriye Adeniji was born in Osun State and relocated to the United States of America many years ago. She has been uniquely different and much focused on her music career since she started out.

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