Nigerians Cry Out Over N7.5Billion The Map NG Scam

The Map NG

Considering the economic down turn and hardship in Nigeria today, it is never a bad idea to jump at any investments perceived to posses the potentials of providing some extra income.

However, a lot of those investments have brought tears to Nigerians rather than joy, as it appears that the on-set target of many investment companies is the scam innocent investors.

One of the latest of such cases is a that of The Map Online Limited, a logistics and E-commerce company, owned and headed by one Anyanso Mma; which is reported to have defrauded Nigerians to a sum of N7.5Billion

Anyanso Mma, and his staff are said to have eloped after the company-which runs its activities on investors’ money and later pay dividends- duped investors of the lumpsum.

According to various complaints exclusively sent to, investors stopped receiving payments in October 2020 and the MD/CEO, Mma, was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on 2020 November following an outcry.

However, to the surprise of many the EFCC granted Mma bail on 22 December 2020, without mandating him to refund all the money he collected from people, yet claiming that they were investigating the matter and that his accounts had been frozen.

The Map









An investor who reached out to our publisher on Facebook, Abolade Johnson (Pseudonym) narrated of The Map NG defrauded him of N2.4 Million, which he invested in the companies, CRMi plan in October and November, 2020.

Accompanying his claims with evidences sent via mail, Johnson stated The Map NG assured a 110 per cent Return On Investment (ROI) within the next three months, but this never came.

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He stated further: “A close friend introduced me the company and i did my own investigation and i saw they were real by then they were still paying my close friend his ROI. Even my friend too his affected by this scam”

But Johnson’s testimony against the failed investment company is just one of many now flooding the internet,

One of such duped investors, who had his story published by Sahara reporters narrated how he and his family were duped of N6.7million, while also making others lose their lives.

In a twitter thread created by @Tmssolutions_ng on twitter, many investors stated how their lives had taken a turn for the worse since being defrauded by The Map NG.

Over 5,000 Nigerians are said to have been affected in the investment scam. Meanwhile, lawyers are preparing a formal charge against Anyanso Mma and his company while there several internet materials show that Nigerians have launched a manhunt for him.

The Map

The Map

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