LAGOS LG POLLS: Moving Forward In Ifako-Ijaiye -By Comrade Adeola Samuel

I think it’s time to have it differently in Ifako-Ijaiye for once.

At the local government election level since the advent of Hon Adefolabi of blessed memory, who we can not deny the legacy of working and service oriented tenure with what eyes can see projects.

None of those who came after him can point to what they have done to the local government either as elected, appointed ES or sole administrators. But they can point to what they have amassed as wealth which later flies away because you can not use money and tears to buy joy or laughter.

My appeal as we search for a new leader in Ifako-Ijaiye from councilor to chairman is that, we should do away with all the mundanity of how long someone have been elected or served but look rather at the record of performance of all contestants.

If our motive this time should be to see development, then Ifako-Ijaiye can not be handed over to someone who is a confirmed drinker of tombo to stupor, neither can the local government again be saddle with someone that willl be spoon-fed to lead in executive position.

We can not afford to have in saddle someone who within few months of being in charge hurriedly complete a mansion within the local government while Rome burns and the community lies in ruin.

It is no time for tea party for anyone who will rather use the local government money to pay personal debt of leacherous attitudes and insatiable appetite for indiscriminate vices too.

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Performance remain the measurements of a working Democracy. Almost all the known contestants have been given opportunities to serve one way or the other from the local government,  either elected and appointed or appointed without elected to occupy one space or the other. Let’s compare notes and see who the cap fits.

Year of Methuselah does not determinethe unethical mesmerism neither was the short lived life of Jesus made him of no consequences; but one thing is sure, this election in Ifako-Ijaiye local government will bring about the best and the fitted occupying the chairman office not just on sentiment and mendacious lacuna.

Insanity is doing one thing same way over and over and expecting different results. Ifako-Ijaiye must evolve in development strides going forward. I so submit.

Comrade Adeola Samuel.

Stakeholder in Ifako/Ijaye local government project

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