Euro 2020: Round Of 16 Full Fixtures

Euro 2020

The round of 16 fixtures for the on-going Euro 2020 championship were confirmed on Wednesday night following the completion of group stage matches with pulsating group F games.

Germany finished second in Group F after a dramatic 2-2 draw with Hungary at the Allianz Arena while Portugal secure third-place  in the group following a 2-2 draw with France.


The implication of these results is that Germany will square up against old rivals England at the Wembley Stadium on Tuesday evening just as Cristiano Ronaldo and his Portugese Army match up against Belgium in Bilbao, Spain, on Sunday night.


In Wednesday evening’s first batch of matches, Group E came to a thrilling end as Sweden topped the group by beating Poland 3-2. They will now play either Ukraine. Spain’s 5-0 win over Slovakia means they finished second in the group and will play Croatia in Copenhagen on Monday.


See full round of 16 fixtures below;


Round of 16 Ties

1: Wales vs Denmark (17:00, Saturday 26 June, Amsterdam)
2: Italy vs Austria (20:00, Saturday 26 June, London)
3: Netherlands vs Czech Republic (17:00, Sunday 27 June, Budapest)
4: Belgium vs Portugal (20:00, Sunday 27 June, Seville)
5: Croatia vs Spain (17:00, Monday 28 June, Copenhagen)
6: France vs Switzerland (20:00, Monday 28 June, Bucharest)
7: England vs Germany (17:00, Tuesday 29 June, London)
8: Sweden vs Ukraine (20:00, Tuesday 29 June, Glasgow)


QF1: France/Switzerland vs Croatia/Spain (17:00, Friday 2 July, St Petersburg)
QF2: Belgium/Portugal vs Italy/Austria (20:00, Friday 2 July, Munich)
QF3: Netherlands/Czech Republic vs Wales/Denmark (17:00, Saturday 3 July, Baku)
QF4: Sweden/Ukraine vs England/Germany (20:00, Saturday 3 July, Rome)

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SF1: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 (20:00, Tuesday 6 July, London)
SF2: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 (20:00, Wednesday 7 July, London)



Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (20:00, 11 July, London)


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