PoemsOfCAMA: Home


when you stay at home –
if you feel it weighs a ton
carrying teary dreams
living in climes of weary feet
you sit a heap sick
you stand a tard shamed
you know,

you don’t deserve zilch
if you have your way
you’ll run faraway
you’ll breathe out the pains of fate
you’ll plan your destiny, again
you see,

you still would find your hero –
if you are left even in zeros
you become the voyager of gains
in homes where life is not a sling for bale
who molds a getaway?

who confronts tumultuous sail?
who questions courage?

You, only you
you are shabby
you are dreary
you are lazy
a degenerate
that is what they say
in the land that lays to waste
in the land birthed in straits
in the land where you wait

but bouncing back is how you aim
charting your option routes
hugging sanity beyond the north or south
wearing values pretty
and not tussles in ransom crimsoned
be ready

you will remember Oke-Afa
tales of Zaria in Kaduna
do not forget Biafra
the sequestro of Sambisa is pushing closer
you must be ready
dreading this rape
fighting this rage
no one in this blast is safe
but you are ready
risk Boat Salvage
hope Equilibrium Day
keep cooking the herbs of change –
so every one may have a taste
if you must, stay
but wait ready

prepare for the race you might not take
running – this is the new game
moving forward – this is your only mace
if you are asked to thumb
then you would choose home –

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#PoemsOfCAMA By Christy Ademide Adelowo

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