We Desire A Better Nigeria, Yet We Are Not Willing To Pay The Price- Ojo

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We Desire A Better Nigeria, Yet We Are Not Willing To Pay The Price

In the North, villagers give information to Boko Haram and bandits.

In the South, families and friends protect drug dealers, yahoo boys.

In higher places, senators hide criminals like Maina and uncle Nnamdi

Almost everyone is aiding crime in one way or the other.

Games every where

Crime fighters will arrest some politicians that embezzled huge funds and court will adjourn the case till eternity.

And a poor young woman will steal a tuber of yam and will be taken to court and the following week she is already in jail.

Some lecturers exchange sex for grade.

Some CEO will exchange sex for employment.

Some married women will even obey and fear their pastors than their husbands.

It is so easy for you to criticize some individual in the government for not bringing positive impact to a whole nation, but no one even feel your impact in your street.

Everybody is spoiling Nigeria in their corners and in their own way, without any sense of remorse!

We want change! But we don’t want to change!

We are satanic but we want angelic Leaders!

Nothing is wrong with Nigeria but almost everything is wrong with Nigerians!

Until we all realise we have to be better NIGERIANS for NIGERIA to be better, we are far away from a better and a prosperous Nigeria!

The butterfly moving its wings in the Amazon does not realize the effects the wings create in the jungle!

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