SOA Music Foundation

SOA Music Foundation


Having been a music enthusiast from a very young age, I have met quite a number of musicians- some we started together roaming the streets of Lagos as passionate teenagers and some as professionals.

But things are not the way it was when we first met. So many with whom we shared incredible visions of becoming soul winning evangelists through goose bumps extracting worship music and sweet gospel sounds are now accomplished musicians playing at night clubs or fulfilling music quests at shrines.

The issue of young talents leaving choir/church or abandoning their dreams of gospel music ministry in the pursuit of the riches of the secular world is one issue that has plagued the church in general.

For the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) it is even deeper than that. I can tell you authoritatively that a large chunk of the musicians in Pentecostal churches today have their background rooted in CCC.

As a matter of fact, I at a point in time also joined that train for many years until God himself called me back home to the CCC in mysterious fashion.

The exodus of talented musicians from the CCC and the church at large has not stopped happening; but why?


From my interactions with many of my friend musicians who started in church but have ended up in the secular world, here are the problems I have deduced;

2.1. There is that feeling of the church not having any input or significant investment in the development of their musical talents and skills; and therefore they owe the church nothing in return.

2.2 They feel less appreciated by their home church

2.3. Search for greener pastures.

From the problems listed above, it would seem as though it all started from the foundation and development years for these musicians.

There, the church has come short of expectations in sowing seeds that could last forever. So what can we then do moving forward?


The Samson Oluwaseun Awosika Music Foundation (SOAMUF) is a project that seeks to identify, train, nurture and monitor the development of potential music talents already in the choir with the sole aim of winning their hearts and souls for Christ, that they may be willingly remain in the House of the Lord forever.

The Not-For-Profit Organization will fully fund the music education of such potentials while also monitor their musical growth and development.


Breeding music ministers for Christ through charity, motivation and guidance.


To see church music transform to a tool for true worship and evangelism rather than just entertainment by developing young disciples for Christ.


Potential beneficiaries must;

6.1 Be a member of the CCC (or at least have a connection)

6.2. Show interest in music/be a member of the choir/children’s choir in his/her parish

6.3. Above the age of 10

6.4 Be available for music classes

6.5 Approved by parents/guardian to pursue music interests


Every year, two (2)  or more of such music potentials will be picked randomly from the Celestial Church and then offered the benefits.

These benefits include the following;

7.1. Fully funded music lessons (theory and practical) in any instrument of their choice at a registered music school.

7.2. Gifting of instrument of choice to each beneficiary

7.3 Covering of logistics to and fro music classes

7.4. Full music guidance and counseling sessions for 9 months

7.5 Diploma certification in music


Our target is to offer such sponsorship and benefits to at least 10 music potentials every year i.e. five from the CCC and then five from other Christian denominations.

Subsequently, we hope to progress to owning a free Christian music school where such benefits will be enjoyed.


It costs an average of One hundred and Eighty thousand Naira (N180,000) to fully sponsor one beneficiary for nine months. The breakdown is as follows;

A. Tuition- N90,000
B. Purchase of musical instrument – N60,000
C. Logistics- N30,000

*TOTAL = N180,000


Your little support we go a long way in achieving their dream. To support our vision, please donate to;

*Polaris Bank Savings account
*Samson Oluwaseun Awosika .

We look forward to your moral and financial supports.

Thank you and God bless you.

*Snr. Evangelist ‘Seun Awosika*
Lead Minister